Chromanova Radio - Chillout and Lounge online hören

Founded in 1993 in berlin/germany by nesjaja and irmi exo ,it developed from various projects at the edge of the psytrance scene to a wellknown radiostation. At the beginning there was the love to party, dance and having fun, since 1999 its more serious because chromanova started with the radiostation. The radio presents you dj-mixes and liveacts around the world within internet 24 hours 7 days a week nonstop. The main concern lies into streaming good mixes from djs and liveacts, sometimes we stream live from partys, mostly indoor. The basic principle is still the same as it was at the beginning: we play what we like! with the time the crew grow bigger, and we are proud to name djs and liveacts as our chromanova resident team, which play all over the the moment we stream with two servers Psy/Progressive Trance and Chillout/Ambient, check it out! Kontakte Email:
Genres: ambient chill-out

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Karl Rüßeler, vor 6 Monaten
@ Rosemarie thx so much for your flowers <3 and we wish you a safe ride by bike please do not fly too often with our music ;)
Rosemarie Killias-McGraw, vor 5 Monaten
Hi Karl, is there a possibility to buy some of the fab sounds???
Marco Post, vor 6 Monaten
TOP Chil Sender, weiter so!!!
Zbigniew Walkiewicz, vor 5 Monaten
Superb music...
Shan Yu, vor 5 Monaten
Cool !
Sky DjIndian, vor 6 Monaten
transcendental digeridoo soussound
Dante Rodrigo Escobar Contreras, vor 5 Monaten
Total gut.
Oleg Ploskonis, vor 6 Monaten
Super Radio!
Slava Slavka, vor 6 Monaten
Геннадий Дидык, vor 5 Monaten
ok !
Ф.И.О., vor 5 Monaten
отлично , супер !!!
DAN T Pinturas, vor 5 Monaten
excelent!!! I listen from Argentina